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Free interview and level test for all my students! Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires


I found Gisela professional, knowledgeable and most of all fund to learn with. I came to Argentina with absolutely no knowledge of Spanish and generally awful at languages and felt by the second week I could at least ask for the basics and get around the beautiful city of Argentina. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to make the most of Argentina and the wonderful world of Spanish Harris Gorre

It was highly enjoyable to study Spanish with Gisela, since she aimed to create a relaxed, yet concentrated atmosphere. Her interpersonal skills were remarkable. I particularly appreciated her readiness to adapt to the students preferences and her flexibility." Dr. Danica Krizanac

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Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires | 2013

Vanessa Moore and Parissa from Englad in the Spanish class, March 2011.


"Studying one-on-one with an experienced teacher is the best and
fastest way to learn a language. There are many private tutors, but
very few are truly good at teaching. Gisela is one of these great
teachers. She has been doing this for a long time so she knows her
stuff. You will learn the difficult grammar structures but will not
notice how hard you're working at it because the process of learning
will be fun.
Gisela is an in-demand teacher and if she has too many students, she
will pair you up with another teacher. I spent about 10 hours studying
with one of Gisela's partners, and just like her, he was excellent.
Not only did he speak several languages, but he also worked as a
copywriter in one of BsAs newspapers. Spanish grammar was her
livelihood. Study with Gisela and/or one of her teacher partners.You will be
amazed at your progress."
Marina Tremkin, Financist, NYC, May 2011.



Experience and Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires!

- Courses start each Monday for all Spanish levels.

- Business Spanish course start whenever you want!

- The hour of Spanish class is 60 minutes

- Mornings and afternoons- Please check available times, .

- Long Term Discounts: Discounts are applicable for Spanish courses in Buenos Aires when the weeks are booked and paid for together. 





WHAT I WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT THE CLASSES                 -General conditions:
*You can attend your Spanish classes that can be taken at my place, at yours or at a nice cafe with a quiet and relaxed enviroment in which case the student is asked to pay for the teachers coffee.
*The payment for the first week Spanish classes should be made the first day, then if you decide to continue a second week I can offer a discount for 10 days of classes paying the first day as wel
*You can call me via skype!  to giselagiuntispanish and we can do classes over skype before your arrival!!! so, you can become familiar with the spanish language spoken in Argentina before getting here, try it.
*You can pay in pesos and in dollars for your Spanish lessons, the rate will be a combination between official and blue rate for the usd.



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Spanish Courses

Customized Spanish Courses

We offer individual Spanish lessons, with flexible schedules, as well as tailor made courses for groups.



Spanish 10 hours immersion course + Historic Tigre & San Isidro 

  • 10 hours a week Spanish individual lessons
  • Stop at San Isidro, visit to San Isidro´s Cathedral
  • Walkaround through Tigre
  • Tigre Art Museum
  • Fruit Market
  • One hour boat trip through Delta River
  • Availability: all the week from 9 AM to 6PM



  GGSpanish provides acommodation for   your stay: in Buenos Aires: Acommodation Apartments (shared ones as well     with locals)
Students residences
Boutique hotels
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